The Dorsch Gruppe is consulting, planning and managing: airports, transport and infrastructure, architecture, water and environment

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Respected consulting and engineering partners for industrial clients, private investors, and public institutions

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Dorsch Qatar's overall objective is to harness our collective professionalism for the benefit of our clients, our communities and each other

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Dorsch Qatar

Reputable consulting and engineering partner in Qatar

Celebrating 10 years of hard work since establishment in February 2012, Dorsch Qatar has shared the responsibility and pride of participating in developing Qatar from a quiet, peaceful country to a modern, state-of-art developed and modern country that will host world wide events, which one of them is the FIFA 2022! 

Based on the sustained development in all engineering aspects such as supervision and project management, Dorsch Qatar managed to successfully deliver its clients all kinds of engineering applications. The achievements of Dorsch Qatar are strengthened by the 70+ years accumulated German/International experience since Dorsch was established in Munich in 1951. Dorsch Qatar's overall objective is to harness our collective professionalism for the benefit of our clients, our communities and each other. Our clients turn to Dorsch Qatar for a wide range of advice, skills and resources in developing, planning, engineering, supervising and managing projects.

Dorsch at the UN Climate Change Conference COP27

​​As we look back to the first week of the annual UN Climate Change Conference, COP27, we would like to share some key takeaways – both for society at large, and for us here at Dorsch Gruppe.

A delegation of Dorsch Gruppe, Ms Tanja Baur (CEO International Cooperation) and Mr Andreas Schweinar (CFO Dorsch Gruppe), has been representing Dorsch Gruppe in Sharm el-Sheikh.

The participation at COP27 – along with various insightful conversations with government representatives, and fellow business and industry leaders – has reaffirmed our determination to fight the climate crisis with even more urgency and persistence – at the core of our business operations on to the processes and value chains in our projects worldwide.

We are already experiencing the devastating impacts of just 1.1 degrees Celsius global temperature rise, rapidly approaching climate tipping points causing irreversible losses and damages. And we must admit to ourselves that cutting greenhouse gas emissions and simply adapting to the impacts of climate change won’t be enough to prevent these losses and damages, disproportionally affecting populations in already vulnerable countries.

As an engineering and management consultancy group, we are proud that our teams around the globe are pushing state-of-the-art solutions and innovative technologies to foster resilience and adaptation, and providing low-carbon solutions in various sectors, from water to energy, over transport to buildings.

As a side event to COP27, our delegation also participated in the Vision2045 Summit, connecting decision-makers from different industries and international organizations.

The discussions focused on innovative strategies how to move the private sector towards net-zero business operations and the attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.​​