Renewable Energy

Interacting with our partners, we develop integral concepts and solutions related to conventional and renewable sources of energy. Germany is a leader in the technical implementation of plants for the use of renewable energy. This opens up opportunities for us to play a role in this innovative and advancing technology involving sophisticated expertise that is in high demand at home and abroad. An appropriate, flexible and integral energy concept forms the basis of a building’s efficiency throughout its entire life cycle. 

At Dorsch we subdivide in the two fields of Green Building Technology and Photovoltaics.

Dorsch Gruppe has established the Green Building Department in Abu Dhabi and thus added a new service to it's existing portfolio. The decision has been taken in order to satisfy continuous and rising demand from clients from all over the UAE and the region. Compared to other market participants, Dorsch provides most required services for sustainable design in house. Integrated planning can therefore be offered and provided within a very short period of time. Furthermore in conjunction with external partner we are in the process to develop a sustainable design and construction concept for residential and terraced houses as well as for high-rise buildings and condominiums.

Someday there won’t be any electricity from coal and gas anymore. It makes sense to produce electricity on your own, for example with Photovoltaic on your house top. The commercial, profit-oriented use of Photovoltaic is interesting for both business companies and private investors who are looking for low-risk opportunities to expand their business. Among other things the Renewable Energy law (EEG) supports the installation of Photovoltaic on house tops, at storefronts and soundproof walls and at ground level with different financial amount. At the moment the installation of Photovoltaic on house tops is for many reasons (e.g. earning, safety, basic conditions) the most interesting. Ideally the following main phases of project development and realization should come from one hand.

Basically the main phases of project development and realization are:

  • Location acquisition, checking and selection of adequate buildings
  • Arrangement with electric supply companies (EVU)
  • Secure the financing
  • Engineering of Photovoltaic
  • Assembly of Photovoltaic and annexed equipment
  • Construction supervision and final inspection
  • Running of the Photovoltaic (by investor/operator)