Construction Engineering

Construction Engineering consists of all the disciplines of civil engineering, which is, based on the strength of marterials and static, involved with the construction and measurement of support structure as a basis for houses, halls, churches, bridges, towers and poles.

At Dorsch we subdivide in the three fields of Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering and Structural Engineering. 

  • A detailed overview of all relevant projects can be found here.

Following the breakdown of planning disciplines in the second half of the 20th century the integrated planning model with streamlined interfaces made it possible to develop a building project from a single source. As structural engineers we design optimized structures and thus help to minimize construction costs. Our structural engineers work together with architects at a very early stage in order to coordinate and optimize all aspects relating to the building use, building design, structural design, heat insulation and fire safety. The consistent interlinking of planning disciplines provides the basis for interdisciplinary development of individual projects and the opportunity of using synergy effects. The specific potential for this close cooperation is based on joint research into new technologies and building products.

  • Road and railway tunnels
  • Tunnels for underground railways and light rail systems
  • Underground stations for tracked transportation systems
  • Media tunnels
  • Tunnels for trunk sewers
  • Road and railway bridges

Transport facilities:

The division "Transport & Infrastructure" has developed detailed expertise worldwide. Our core competence in tunnel engineering uses the latest technologies in cut-and-cover and bored tunnels methods. All planning activities related to tunnel engineering, including all kind of pre-studies, will be carried out by our professional engineers. By making use of our core competences, you will minimize the coordination expenditure.


  • Road, railway, light rail, pressure, sewer tunnels
  • Railway tunnels
  • Light rail tunnels
  • underground stations for track linked transportation means
  • tunnel for supply and disposal system
  • pressure tunnels
  • sewer tunnels
  • road bridges
  • railway bridges
  • pedestrian underpasses
  • pedestrian overpasses
  • Culverts
  • Retaining walls
  • Basin

 Our services:

  • Basic surveying (location, coordinates), setting out, control measurements
  • Geological & Hydrological studies
  • Building / facility planning
  • Structural design
  • Design consultancy
  • Design of technical equipment, including operational concept and ventilation
  • Noise and air studies
  • Design of underground pipelines
  • Preparation of documents required for official approvals
  • Construction supervision

We use advanced IT systems on the basis of the latest software technologies at all planning stages, from preliminary design to final design, and from tendering process to construction supervision. Our project teams consist of professional engineers, who have the experience to work the latest technologies. Our engineers are committed to use the latest method and latest international regulations and standards in the design planning.