Industrial Engineering

The industrial engineering division focuses on the overall engineering of pipeline systems and tank farms for gas, water, crude oil and oil products as well as on the planning and construction supervision of fuel facilities and fuelling systems for airports. The range of services includes all peripheral lines required for the structure of the overall system, such as electrical, process measuring and control systems, inspection and monitoring equipment, fire extinguishing facilities as well as safety engineering. Planning and construction supervision services are generally provided as complete systems, but can also be implemented individually in stages or phases, in compliance with the specific requirements of the client or project. 

At Dorsch we subdivide in the three fields of Buildings, Industrial Plants and Oil & Gas.

Dorsch undertakes design, tendering and supervision services for of building projects, such as:

  • Buildings for research and industry
  • Hospitals
  • Schools and other educational establishments
  • Housing schemes and apartment blocks
  • Administration buildings
  • Hotel complexes
  • Manufacturing, assembly and storage buildings
  • Airport buildings and aircraft hangars
  • Buildings attached to subway and railway stations
  • Building Services
  • Structural design
  • Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and sanitary installations
  • Electrical installations
  • Mechanical facilities
  • Special installations
  • Medical equipment
  • Building equipment

As a result of its many years of broad experience in the various fields of industrial engineering, Dorsch is in a position to design, in close cooperation with processing and operation engineers, complete industrial facilities and industry-related projects as well as to supervise the execution of construction work. We perform location studies and feasibility studies, prepares material flow, production sequence, and machine utilization plans together with all the necessary structures, utilities, social and auxiliary installations as well as infrastructural measures, provides detailed construction and erection documents and finally the relevant tender documents. Depending on the client's wishes, Dorsch also assumes the entire material procurement, the awarding of construction and erection services and the overall project management on behalf of the client.

Dorsch has handled numerous projects involving practically every type of facility required for the transportation and storage of crude oil and petroleum products, natural gas and water. Projects falling into this category have been carried out in Germany and in various countries abroad. Within any given project the company either performs the engineering for complete transportation and/or storage systems with all the required facilities, including control and start-up operation, or any number of individual components of such systems. Water transportation and distribution projects have been performed for the supply of large cities and communities, for industrial plants and for infrastructure development.