We provide appropriate technical advice for our marine engineering, planning and management services through our personnel’s theoretical and practical expertise. Furthermore, we provide marine construction supervision services through our dedicated and specialised team. 

At Dorsch we subdivide in the six fields of Studies and Assesments, Guidelines, Specifications and Manuals, Marine Operations Planning and Design, Technical Bid Evaluations, Risk, Safety and Enviroment and Third Party Verification.

Conducting studies, assessments and options evaluations to determine economical and operational feasibility of:

  • Site location
  • Navigation
  • Marine operations
  • Marine construction

Preparation of marine specific guidelines for the planning, design and execution of marine operations and emergency response manuals, as well as provision of the necessary expertise to assist in the implementation.

Design and associated engineering for facilities and structure, such as loading or offloading jetties, grounding pads, moorings etc. as well as coastal engineering design and associated aspects of land reclamation, dredging and shore protection.

Preparation of tender documents and tender evaluation reports, while providing technical, commercial and contractual input for various types of work.

Provision of risk and safety management services; which includes analysis of consequences of potential and actual failures in engineering:

  • Qualitative and quantitative marine risk assessments
  • Navigational risk assessments
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Risk and safety audits of construction and repair facilities

In addition to offering planning, design and analytical services we undertake third party verifications of designs, plans, analyses, procedures and methodologies produced by others.