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Dorsch Qatar's overall objective is to harness our collective professionalism for the benefit of our clients, our communities and each other

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Dorsch Qatar

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Celebrating 10 years of hard work since establishment in February 2012, Dorsch Qatar has shared the responsibility and pride of participating in developing Qatar from a quiet, peaceful country to a modern, state-of-art developed and modern country that will host world wide events, which one of them is the FIFA 2022! 

Based on the sustained development in all engineering aspects such as supervision and project management, Dorsch Qatar managed to successfully deliver its clients all kinds of engineering applications. The achievements of Dorsch Qatar are strengthened by the 70+ years accumulated German/International experience since Dorsch was established in Munich in 1951. Dorsch Qatar's overall objective is to harness our collective professionalism for the benefit of our clients, our communities and each other. Our clients turn to Dorsch Qatar for a wide range of advice, skills and resources in developing, planning, engineering, supervising and managing projects.

Dorsch at the IWA LET Conference in Essen: Sustainable Wastewater and Sludge Management

​​​​​​​The International Water Association (IWA) is the network of water professionals working towards a world where water is managed wisely, sustainably, and equitably. From June 24 to 27, scientists, researchers, technology companies, water and wastewater utilities, and other stakeholders in the water industry gathered at the 19th IWA Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies. This year the international venue took place in in Germany in the city of Essen. With experts from over 140 countries, it was the perfect venue for our internationally committed colleagues from Dorsch International Consultants and spiekermann ingenieure.

Presentation at the Event
Areen AlHajaj and Frauke Goldmann from Dorsch International Consultants, along with Dirk Joormann from spiekermann ingenieure, had the opportunity to connect with other experts to present and discuss their project. The title of the project, for which a detailed paper and a poster were submitted to the conference, is: "Advancing Circularity in Jordan Refugee Camps through Sustainable Wastewater and Sludge Management".

Poster_Wasterwater-Treatment-Plant.pdf (1019.8 KB)

About the Project
Jordan is the second most water-scarce country in the world, with less than 100 m³ of renewable water resources available per capita per year, significantly below the global threshold of 500 m³ per capita. Jordan currently hosts around 1.36 million refugees, accounting for 15% of its total population, placing enormous pressure on the government’s water supply and sewerage systems, and hence requiring substantial infrastructure investments.

To address these challenges, policies have been put in place to improve and sustainably manage natural resources, recognizing the importance of the water, energy, and food nexus by promoting the circular economy of available resources. Consequently, Jordan has qualified to receive official development assistance from various international entities to support the government in addressing its response plan to the Syrian crisis.

The two refugee camp projects introduced were initiated in cooperation with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the European Union (EU), and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, to provide Syrian refugee camps with infrastructure for wastewater and sludge treatment. The importance of these projects lies in the fact that sustainable solutions for wastewater and sludge management within the camps are a pivotal step towards enhancing the livelihoods of their residents.

Project Impact

  • Maximizing resource efficiency and minimizing waste by closing the cycle of wastewater treatment, utilizing treated water for irrigation and sludge as fertilizer.
  • Mitigating environmental pollution and reducing the strain on natural ecosystems, promoting a healthier environment for both human and ecological communities.
  • Aligning with the principles of circular economy by applying an integrated approach, keeping resources in use for as long as possible, thus contributing to a more sustainable ecosystem.
  • An innovative business model that engages local farmers and refugees in a cash-for-work program, promoting economic empowerment, social inclusion, job creation, and reducing inequalities.

Learn more about the event: International Water Association ( - 19th IWA Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies