Maintenance ensures
value preservation and safety


Our service: Operation and Maintenance

Our service continues even after a project has been fully implemented. Although digitalisation has had a strong impact on the advancement of many machines and plants, it is extremely important to develop and implement investment-preserving concepts for regular maintenance and plant inspection.

Our Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services therefore focus on optimising the operation of existing plants with due regard to OEM recommendations, safety, environmental protection, customer satisfaction, service level, KPIs, energy consumption, input of chemicals, financial aspects and risk considerations.

Our services are optimised continuously, taking into account the relevant data acquired, results of preventive, reactive and condition-based maintenance, and the planned maintenance strategies. In this way, we can ensure consistent quality and safety.

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Within the framework of the contracts, the responsibilities were fulfilled to the utmost satisfaction by Dorsch / BDC. These include all the independent realization of all tasks around traffic systems, open-air facilities and surveying as well as the social infrastructure"

U. Hellweg, Wasserstadt GmbH, Germany