The Dorsch Gruppe is consulting, planning and managing: airports, transport and infrastructure, architecture, water and environment

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Respected consulting and engineering partners for industrial clients, private investors, and public institutions

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Dorsch Qatar's overall objective is to harness our collective professionalism for the benefit of our clients, our communities and each other

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Dorsch Qatar

Reputable consulting and engineering partner in Qatar

Celebrating 10 years of hard work since establishment in February 2012, Dorsch Qatar has shared the responsibility and pride of participating in developing Qatar from a quiet, peaceful country to a modern, state-of-art developed and modern country that will host world wide events, which one of them is the FIFA 2022! 

Based on the sustained development in all engineering aspects such as supervision and project management, Dorsch Qatar managed to successfully deliver its clients all kinds of engineering applications. The achievements of Dorsch Qatar are strengthened by the 70+ years accumulated German/International experience since Dorsch was established in Munich in 1951. Dorsch Qatar's overall objective is to harness our collective professionalism for the benefit of our clients, our communities and each other. Our clients turn to Dorsch Qatar for a wide range of advice, skills and resources in developing, planning, engineering, supervising and managing projects.

Dorsch Gruppe Europe: Focus on further networking, cooperation and synergies at the meeting of the business unit coordinators

On 6 December 2013, all business unit coordinators of the Dorsch Gruppe Europe companies met to discuss strategically and operationally relevant topics:
Mr Schanzenbach (CPO Dorsch Europe) reported on organisational matters and news from the MBE and announced the revised rules of procedure for the GBK at short notice. The new elections of the GBK are also to be prepared at the end of a two-year term of office. 
The next, central item on the agenda focussed on the exchange of experiences between the business area coordinators: in the topic blocks "Market needs", "Sustainability & innovation" and "Customer care & cross-selling", the coordinators exchanged views on the development and future direction based on short experience impulses. The needs of the markets were discussed in particular from the perspective of the current situation in the construction industry, the current revision of the federal budget and other business opportunities. Construction in existing buildings and maintenance continue to be key topics for the future. In view of the crisis in the housing construction sector, there is a shift in the market towards infra-structure measures.
Against this backdrop, the further development of the inner-city infrastructure portfolio was discussed, especially as the necessary specialist disciplines are available in the Group. The extent to which the implementation of a major project won in the trend topic of power lines can take place in the Group and how further acquisitions can be prepared for this was also discussed. 
In the subsequent focus topic "Sustainability & Innovation", the customer-orientated significance of sustainability certification, which should go beyond a pure marketing instrument, was discussed. The Dorsch Gruppe's approach to sustainability as part of its operational portfolio was discussed.
The major topic of "Customer Care & Cross-Selling" dealt with strategies for effective customer care and the potential of cross-selling opportunities within the Group. 

The establishment of an 11th business division was prepared as a further agenda item. The Energy + TGA division should then be established by the next GBK meeting. The last item on the agenda was an innovation from the "RAG family": Dr Reinschmidt from Evonik Operations GmbH presented a concrete additive for self-healing concrete. The product is about to be approved for use in construction and can sustainably improve the quality of concrete. 

To summarise, the meeting provided a platform for the exchange of knowledge, the discussion of current market trends and the discussion of future-oriented innovations, with a particular focus on sustainability and cross-sector synergies.