The Dorsch Gruppe is consulting, planning and managing: airports, transport and infrastructure, architecture, water and environment

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Respected consulting and engineering partners for industrial clients, private investors, and public institutions

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Dorsch Qatar's overall objective is to harness our collective professionalism for the benefit of our clients, our communities and each other

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Dorsch Qatar

Reputable consulting and engineering partner in Qatar

Celebrating 10 years of hard work since establishment in February 2012, Dorsch Qatar has shared the responsibility and pride of participating in developing Qatar from a quiet, peaceful country to a modern, state-of-art developed and modern country that will host world wide events, which one of them is the FIFA 2022! 

Based on the sustained development in all engineering aspects such as supervision and project management, Dorsch Qatar managed to successfully deliver its clients all kinds of engineering applications. The achievements of Dorsch Qatar are strengthened by the 70+ years accumulated German/International experience since Dorsch was established in Munich in 1951. Dorsch Qatar's overall objective is to harness our collective professionalism for the benefit of our clients, our communities and each other. Our clients turn to Dorsch Qatar for a wide range of advice, skills and resources in developing, planning, engineering, supervising and managing projects.

International Cooperation Cluster Project Management Training

During November 2022, colleagues from across the International Cooperation Cluster came together for Project Management Trainings - to foster joint learning, to enhance common understanding when it comes to various project processes, and to grow closer together.

The sessions kicked off in Amman, Jordan, followed by two further courses in Essen, Germany, with participants from Dorsch International Consultants (Amman Office), AMBERO Consulting, AHT GROUP, and DC Abu Dhabi.

From project planning, scope, and schedule to financial aspects, from leadership, risk management to monitoring and control – the comprehensive training covered a substantial range of project management basics. The training included presentations, discussions and exercises, a pre- and post-training evaluation test, and ended with some essential take-aways to be applied back in day-to-day operations.

In total, over 50 colleagues successfully completed the training. Given the diversity of the participants’ technical backgrounds, and the regions they work in, exchanges about different experiences and approaches were rich. Participants agree about the valuable opportunity to foster knowledge on various aspects of project management, and share lessons learned. With many colleagues finally being able to see each other in person for the first time, the groups took the opportunity to discuss the training experience over a joint dinner.

“Even I, as a senior project manager, technical expert, backstopper and quality controller was able to gain takeaways for my next assignment from the course led by highly motivated trainers.”

Udo Lange, Project Manager, AHT GROUP

“An exercise with blindfolded eyes was a great metaphor for the challenges involved in getting a complete picture of project management or predicting project outcomes. Communicating accurately and monitoring the steps along the way were two of my most significant learnings from this training.”

Natalia Camacho, Acquisition Manager, AMBERO Consulting

A huge thanks goes out to our trainers Don Morrison (Dorsch Holding), Servi Nabuurs (AHT GROUP) and Esther Bermudez (AMBERO Consulting) – all experienced project managers - who did a fantastic job in leading the intense training days and lending their valuable insights to the International Cooperation Cluster.