Energy supply for the new Siemensstadt


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BLS Energieplan GmbH




From 2019 to 2022

Project Activities

Project approach

  •     Determination of demand for heating, cooling and electricity for all properties, based on representative 3D models of the buildings
  •     Detailed simulation of PV yields
  •     Determination of potential for open and probe-based geothermal energy Conception and simulation of supply variants
  •     Determination of central ecological parameters


BLS Energieplan GmbH

Berlin (Headquarters)
EUREF-Campus 12
D-10829 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 533281-0

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The master plan for Siemensstadt² in Berlin-Spandau is an integrated general plan comprising architecture, urban development, open space and climate planning, rainwater management, energy technology and mobility. The new district with one million m² GFA is being built on 70 hectares. The aim is to create a CO2-free quarter. The project combines new construction and listed existing buildings in a highly dense urban space. The result is the development of a supply concept with minimised CO2 emissions. It also provides a derivation of the regulatory barriers and building blocks to achieve full CO2 neutrality. BLS Energieplan was selected for the further planning of the technical infrastructure.


  • Development of a supply concept with minimised CO2 emissions
  • Derivation of regulatory barriers and building blocks for achieving full to achieve full CO2 neutrality
  • BLS Energy Plan was selected for the for the further planning of the technical infrastructure