Development of a feasibility study for climate neutrality and an energy and climate protection program for the city of Berlin


  • Energy Infrastructure
  • Power & Electrical


BLS Energieplan GmbH


Stadt Berlin


From 2013 to 2018

Project Activities

  • Creation of a comprehensive GHG inventory and model of Berlin's building stock.
  • 5 fields of action: Energy generation, buildings & urban development, economy, transport, private households/consumption (fat BLS scope).
  • Development of realistic decarbonization scenarios through intensive stakeholder involvement.
  • Derivation of recommendations for action


BLS Energieplan GmbH

Berlin (Headquarters)
EUREF-Campus 12
D-10829 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 533281-0

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The Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment in Berlin had commissioned a feasibility study "Climate Neutral Berlin 2050". The feasibility study was to examine the basic feasibility of Berlin's climate neutrality objectives and to substantiate the feasibility in a comprehensible way by means of target scenarios and concepts of measures. The study will be translated into concrete measures as part of Berlin's energy and climate protection program.


  • Comprehensive list of technical and policy action measures.
  • Evaluation of costs and climate impact of the measures
  • Staging and recommendation of timeframe for implementation
  • If implemented according to recommendation, CO2 reductions of >85% are achievable
  • Development of a controlling and monitoring tool to track savings

(Project partners: PIK, IÖW, ifok, LUP, RLI)