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Iraq-Jordan Railway Link - Geotechnics


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Dorsch International Consultants


Iraqi Republic Railways IRR


From 2008 to 2009

Project Activities

  • Screening and analysis of all available documents (Geotechnical Report for Highway No. 1, geological maps)
  • Supplemental geotechnical investigation with 25 drillings at bridge locations, penetration tests and soil mechanics and chemical laboratory tests
  • Geotechnical and foundation report for the entire corridor inc. track, bridges, embankments and cuts and for construction material


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The 420 km long Iraq-Jordan railway link shall connect the Iraqi Republic Railways network with the railway network of Jordan in the west. The planned corridor runs parallel and close to the existing Iraq Highway No. 1, which was designed and the construction supervised by Dorsch Consult in the 1970s. The new railway will link Mafraq Al-Rutbah (Rutbah Junction) with Trabil at the Jordanian border.

It, inter alia, shall connect the ports in the south of Iraq and the ports on the Mediterranean and will improve and secure the access to the national and international markets: The link, therefore, is expected to play an important role in the future of Iraq.