Ramadi - Kerbala Railway Project


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Dorsch International Consultants

Construction Sum

approx. US$ 1,100


Iraqi Republic Railways IRR


From 2008 to 2010

Project Activities

The objective of this study is to update the design of railway track which was initially designed by SOTECNI in early 80’s based on the latest

The standard used in the previous study will be analyzed and modified, if necessary, to correspond with the actual requirements. The services include:

  • Survey
  • Feasibility Study (review of traffic conditions, traffic forecast)
  • Economical Evaluation
  • Geological and hydrological study
  • design of railway track (preliminary and final design) for the proposed railway alignment; including required structures based on the international standard
  • To develop operational and maintenance concepts; including timetable schedule
  • Tender documents


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Ramadi as the capital city of Al Anbar Governorate is located about 110 km west of Baghdad, while Kerbala, the capital city of Kerbala Governorate, is situated about 100 km South-West of Baghdad. The project railway link (double track) has a total length of approx. 133 km and is to link these two cities and is to pass along the Lake Habbainiyah in Al-Anbar.

The project also includes the design of the following:

  • 6 Stations: Kerbala (km 0+000), Station 2 (km 25+260), Station 3 (km 52+500), Station 4 (km 79+730), Station 5 (km 106+300), Ramadi West Station (km 132+906).
  • Bridges: 7 standard Railway Bridges, 17 standard Road Bridges
  • Culverts: 5 pedestrian underpasses, 3 agricultural underpasses
  • Operational Speed: Passenger trains: 140 km/h, Freight trains: 100 km/h.